Leg Extension for Adult Bunk (set of 4) - Black

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Adds 7″ space. Leg extension for added height between bunks. Also used to add height to any straight end frame bed.


  • By means of the secure U-clip design the leg extension is used to either increase the height of a single cot or the distance between bunked cots by an additional 7” (18cm)
  • Compatible to any of the straight bed end frames of any Disc-Bed cot systems
  • To increase the height between bunks: Remove rubber foot plug from leg extension and insert between top bunk and bunk fitting
  • To increase the height of a single cot: Remove rubber foot plug from bed end frame and insert leg extension


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Additional information

Outer dimensions

(per set 4): 9” (23cm) L x 2” (5cm) W x 2” (5cm) H

Pack dimensions

(per set 4): 4.75” (12.5cm) L x 9.25” (23.5cm) W x 2.25” (6cm) H


(per set 4): 3.5lbs (2kg)


Anti rust, powder coated steel Tan

Suitable models

Disc-O-Bed XL, Disc-O-Bed L