Errecom Sanibact Concentrated Medical and Surgical Disinfectant - 500ml makes 12.5 Litres

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Disinfectant for Surfaces

SANIBACT is a medical disinfectant with Virucidal and Bactericide Efficacy specifically developed to kill germs and bacteria on all surfaces giving a deeper level of disinfection.

With 500ml of Sanibact you obtain 12.5 Liters of Disinfectant ready to use.

SANIBACT is a highly concentrated product: it requires a dilution 1:25. With only 40 ml of product, you obtain 1L of disinfectant-ready to use. It acts in just 5 minutes.

Its formula doesn’t leave aggressive chemical residues and guarantees a deep disinfectant action.

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SANIBACT is ideal for:

  • Offices: desks, monitor, keyboards, telephones, vending machines, handles, switchboards, elevator panels.
  • Kitchen: countertops, household appliances, faucets.
  • Bathroom: bathroom fittings, shower floor, faucets.
  • Laboratories: work areas & equipment.
  • High chairs and changing tables
  • Surfaces made of glass
  • Floors
  • Electronic devices: cell phones, cordless, tablet, laptop.
  • Car: wheels, gear levers, door handles, dashboard, A/C vents.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Doctors’ offices and clinics
  • Schools: school desks, school-cafeteria, vending machines, locker room.
  • Sports facilities and equipment.
  • Wellness centres
  • Pub, restaurant, ice-cream parlours, hotel
  • Shops and alimentary processing industries

Virucidal and Bactericide Efficacy

SANTIBACT kills germs and bacteria on most surfaces by sanitizing the environment. It is effective against the following viruses: influenza, Hepatitis B/C, HIV, rota viruses, noro viruses and Ebola viruses. Concerning the bacteria, it passes the tests: EN1276 – EN13697 For molds it passes the EN13697 test. It eliminates allergens (from dust mites, dogs, cats, pollens) on hard and non-porous surfaces.


Currently there no standardised European test for Covid efficacy. It is effective against the following viruses: influenza, Hepatitis B/C, HIV, rota viruses, noro viruses and Ebola viruses.SaniBact is a chlorine-based disinfectant, therefore, it’s one of the products currently indicated by the Italian Ministry of Health for the disinfection for frequently used surfaces in the fight against virus infections.

Yes, Sanibact is a Medical Surgical device (PMC, Presidio Medico Chirurgico) registered by the Italian Ministry of Health with registration number 20145.

Just find it online on the website of the Italian Ministry of Health entering the product registration number.

SaniBact can be used on any surface.

Yes, it can be used to disinfect Plexiglass, Polycarbonate or Lexan surfaces of the anti-contagion barriers of checkout counters in supermarkets, pharmacies, offices, etc. but only correctly diluted 1:25 (40 mL of SaniBact per liter of water).

No. However, for the most delicate fabrics, it’s recommended to do a quick test in a hidden corner.

Being a disinfectant for professional use, the SaniBact formula has a particularly high and very convenient concentration. To obtain the ready-to-use disinfectant, in fact, it is necessary to dilute it 1:25. So far, with 1 liter of Sanibact you obtain 25 liters of ready-to-use disinfectant.

SaniBact is a disinfectant solution concentrated 1:25. Just dilute 40 ml of SaniBact in 1 liter of water to obtain ready-to-use disinfectant. It’s recommended to put tap water in the container and add 40 ml of Sanibact to avoid the foam effect in the container.


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