Errecom Cleansi Purifying Treatment for Surfaces 80% Alcohol - 400ml

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Purifying Treatment for Surfaces 80% Alcohol

Disinfectant registered in Germany (N-90037)

Cleansi is a powerful 80% alcohol-based purifier in aerosol can that deeply cleanse. It evaporates quickly without leaving residues and streaks.

It’s the perfect solution to purify:

Home: handles, chairs, tables, glass tables, bunches of keys, remote controls and TV screens, smartphones and tablets, video game consoles, toys, furnishings, elevator buttons, bathroom accessories, kitchen worktops and small appliances, handrails and windows. It is also suitable for cleaning glass, lenses (including glasses) and glass surfaces.

Office: desks, armchairs, hangers, monitors, keyboards, mouse devices, computer shells, laptops, printers, copy machines, telephones and any other office equipment and vending machines.

Vehicles: sprayed directly on handles, dashboards, shift levers, steering wheel.

Filters and ventilation ducts of air conditioning systems.

Germs and Bacteria Removal

CleanSi removes germs and bacteria from most surfaces by purifying the environment. It can also be used to clean and purify filters and ventilation ducts of air conditioning systems by eliminating microorganisms that affect the quality and healthiness of the air introduced into rooms or or cockpits.

Currently there no standardised European test for Covid efficacy. CleanSi, is a purifying treatment in aerosol with 80% alcohol base which is one of the products indicated by the Italian Ministry of Health for cleaning frequently used surfaces.

In Italy it is currently listed as purifying treatment. However, its formula with 80% of Alcohol allowed us to register it as disinfectant in Germany, where bureaucracy is much faster. Therefore, in Germany it is sold as disinfectant.

Simply visit BAuA (Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin) website, the German institution that evaluates all chemical products sold in Germany, and enter the product registration number.

It is possible to spray CleanSi on all non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass etc. It is recommended to use it on all surfaces with frequent contact such as keys, switches, handles, remote controls, smartphone, tablet, TV, video games consoles, faucets, household appliances, tables, chairs etc.

Yes, it is recommended to use CleanSi on all surfaces with frequent contact such as keys, wheels, dashboard, gear lever, steering wheel controls, buttons, internal and external handles.

Yes, it is recommended to purify all frequent use surfaces like measuring equipment, work tools, screwdrivers, drills, clamps, machine tool.

No, it is not necessary. CleanSi evaporates quickly and leaves no residues or halos.


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