Kid sized mobile bunk system

At Home

With Disc-O-Bed You get to Invite The Whole Family

Room to Spare

No spare bedroom in your apartment or house? Downsizing? Now, lack of room doesn’t have to mean a lack of visitors. For holidays, sleepovers and any time, Disc-O-Bed helps you turn any space into an impromptu guest room. And, not just room for one bed but two. Because they’re bunkable, you instantly have 2x the sleeping accommodations – so great when you have more guests than space.

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

This modular sleep solution goes together in minutes and securely stacks to create extra sleeping space anywhere. More convenient than an air mattress, we get your guests up off the floor. Less expensive than an uncomfortable, old sleeper sofa or cot – in fact, forget what you thought about cots.

With Disc-O-Bed, there’s no center bar to poke and wake you. Your guests will be cradled on a soft sling surface for back-supporting comfort. So everyone gets a good night’s rest. During the day, you can easily convert Disc-O-Bed into a bench for more seating. And, when your guests take off, the beds can disappear just as fast to free up space again.

Kids Love ‘Em

isc-O-Bed’s cool factor with kids is off the charts. These instant bunk beds put the fun in functional with room for more friends to sleep over.


With Disc-O-Bed, you always have a spare bed waiting and ready at a moment’s notice. It sets up in no time without any tools. And it conveniently stows away in its own compact carrying bag that can slide under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Double Up.

Why put a limit on your hospitality? Disc-O-Bed is bunkable to help you make room for more guests in the same amount of space. The more, the merrier.

BYO Bed.

Traveling with your family over the holidays or vacation? Bring your Disc-O-Bed with you. This way, you’re always guaranteed a supportive, enjoyable place to sleep. Don’t leave home without it – and you’ll never have to pay for an uncomfortable rollaway cot at a hotel again.

Get Accessorized.

Included side organizers allow you to store your personal items within arm’s reach. Everything from your electronic device, keys, reading materials and more. Check out all the accessories in the Shop for more customization options.