Child-friendly headphones

Meet our chief tester

As product developers and UK distributors of consumer products, we seem to work a lot with children’s products.

I guess this might have something to do with the fact that we have our own children and we see first hand the products they interact with. We understand that products designed for children have to be good enough to withstand the rigorous of kid-play.

We’d rather not spend hours of our day taking calls from unhappy parents with broken products, which is why we only sell things we are sure are up to the job. The Headfoams products are designed to be tough and able to withstand the sort of punishment kids like to dish out. 


Tough & Flexible

Kids are uncompromising, only the toughest products can stand the punishment which they dish out. Headfoams are designed to cope with all the day to day bumps and scrapes which kids get into. Fold them, bend them, they’ll just ping back into shape.

Sound limited

Even though kids play tough, their ears are a more delicate. In today’s modern world it’s easy to wind up the volume, but this can lead to long-term hearing damage. Headfoams are designed to limit sound to 85dB which is recommended by European Directives.

Without wires

Headfoams are wireless and use Bluetooth connectivity. This makes them idea for use with smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and other Bluetooth enabled devices. This means no wires to woory about, simply charge, pair and listen.