Heavy duty mobile bunk system

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Adventure Gear for any Camp Site: Disc-O-Bed’s Collapsible Bunk Beds


Camping just got more comfortable with Disc-O-Bed’s modular disc bed system. Whether camping with your car or on an epic kayaking excursion,you can rely on the support of Disc-O-Bed to help you rest up for your next adventure. Disc-O-Beds can be bunked in a tent to save space or added to an RV for an extra sleeping option. Or set one up outside for that perfect night of sleeping under the stars.


Disc-O-Bed’s patented modular disc system is rugged enough to withstand the demands of the most extreme campers, yet soft enough to provide the right amount of support for a restful night of sleep. Real world-tested by the Red Cross and the U.S. Army, Disc-O-Beds are built for durability and comfort.


Disc-O-Beds can be assembled in minutes without any tools. In bunk formation, there’s sleeping room for two with extra storage below. When the sun comes up, convert the beds to a bench for added versatility. And when it’s time to head home, Disc-O-Beds can be quickly disassembled and stowed in the included compact carry bag

Convenient. With Disc-O-Bed, you always have a spare bed waiting and ready at a moment’s notice. It sets up in no time without any tools. And it conveniently stows away in its own compact carrying bag that can slide under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Double Up. Why put a limit on your hospitality? Disc-O-Bed is bunkable to help you make room for more guests in the same amount of space. The more, the merrier.

Stay high and dry. Features a unique rounded base to prevent tent damage while keeping your body fully supported and off the ground. Use the extra room underneath for quick-access storage.

Take a seat. Convert the bunk to a stable and supportive bench in a few simple steps. When it’s time to tuck in, snap the system back in bunk formation or individual beds quickly and easily.

Load up. The included side organizers keep your gear off the ground and out of the way for the ultimate in camping luxury. Check out all the accessories in the Shop for more customization options.