About Target Distribution

Target Distribution is a trading sector of Target Holdings (UK) Limited. As part of a group of divisions, Target Distribution utilizes the strengths of the component parts of the entire group to offer its vendors and customer a robust product supply chain in the UK.

As a company that innovates itself, it understands what is required to bring products to market.

As a manufacturer, you may be looking for a partner who can supply your products to the UK market place. Target distribution is well placed to offer brand owners representation into a mixture of different trade accounts.

The business presents products in line with the buying cycles of the major national retailers in the UK. Target Distribution positions itself alongside category buyers and trading managers from the most prominent UK retailers having years of experience presenting and pitching products.

Product presentations can be made in conjunction with the brand owner in the UK, or meetings can be arranged with buyers attending the major international trade exhibitions such as the Electronics Fair in Hong Kong in October and April.

Target Distribution also operates a web platform that also allows independent retailers, specialist trade customers and smaller trade customers the ability to register and buy a variety of products at trade prices.

Importation and stock receipt

Target Distribution understands how to ship products from various parts of the world. Having imported products for over 15 years it understands what is required to import your products into the UK, taking care of freight, duties and VAT issues.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Target Distribution utilizes the warehouse functions operated by the group division: Target3PL. Operating from a modern warehouse in Daventry Northamptonshire, stock can be warehoused and delivered into a mixture of customers.

The business is adept at understanding the delivery requirements from a host of different customers; this includes adhering to specific packaging and labelling requirements, through to managing timed deliveries. Target Distribution can offer drop-ship and end-user deliveries if required.


One of the significant issues affecting brand owners and manufacturers is the handling returns, which is a natural by-product of retail sales if required returns can be checked and graded and reworked if necessary.

RTM (return to manufacturer) stock can be accommodated and disposed of if necessary.

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